Mom-Approved Airbnb: 4 Questions to Ask Before Booking

Mom-Approved Airbnb: 4 Questions to Ask Before Booking

As a mom of three, finding the perfect Airbnb for our family vacations can be a challenge. However, over the years, I’ve developed a list of questions that I always ask before booking to ensure that our stay is comfortable and stress-free. In this blog post, I’ll share my top 4 questions to ask when booking an Airbnb as a mom of 3, complete with a catchy title.

1. Is the Location Kid-Friendly?

Kid-friendly Play Area

The first question I always ask is whether the location is kid-friendly. This means considering factors like proximity to parks or playgrounds, ease of access to transportation, and the general safety of the area. We want our vacation to be enjoyable for everyone, so ensuring that there are plenty of activities and amenities nearby is essential.

2. Does the Airbnb Have Enough Space?

Enough indoor space

The second question I ask is whether the Airbnb has enough space for our family of 5. This means considering the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the overall layout of the space. We want to make sure that everyone has their own space to relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring.

3. What Amenities are Included?

The third question I ask is what amenities are included with the Airbnb. This includes things like a fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi. Having access to these amenities can make our stay much more comfortable and convenient.

4. Are There Child-Specific Amenities?

baby gate for safety

The fourth and final question I ask is whether the Airbnb has any child-specific amenities, such as a crib, high chair, or baby gate. Having access to these amenities can make traveling with young children much easier and less stressful.


Booking the perfect Airbnb for a family vacation can be a challenge, especially when traveling with young children. However, by asking these four questions before booking, I’ve been able to find comfortable and stress-free accommodations that meet our family’s needs. So, whether you’re a mom of 3 or traveling with a larger family, be sure to ask these questions to ensure that your Airbnb is mom-approved.

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